SessionThemeChairpersonVenueReport, ProceedingBusiness Meeting
Sep. 8-10, 2021Agriculture, Environment and Health for Future Society in AsiaMakie Kokubun, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus at Tohoku UniversityOnlineACSAC10 website

Report on ACSAC10

Report on Young Scientist Forum in Asia
Jun. 5-7, 2017The New Era of Crop Sciences for Innovation and Sustainability Reinforcing a New Partnership in Asian CountriesChul Won Lee, Ph.D. and Young-Hee Lee, Ph.D.Jeju Convention Center—-—-
8thHanoi, VietnamSep. 23-25, 2014Sustainable Agricultural Production Responds to Global Climate
Change and Food Security
Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Vice Director of Graduate School of Hanoi University of AgricultureHanoi University of Agriculture[Proceeding
/PDF/11 MB]
7thBogor, IndonesiaSep. 27-30, 2011Improving food, energy, and environment with better cropsSony SuharsonoIPB International Convection Center, Bogor Agricultural University[PDF in Japanese/1.02 MB]

PDF/6.10 MB]
6thBangkok, ThailandNov. 5-9, 2007Technology for self-sufficient agriculture in AsiaProf. Morakot TanticharoenQueen Sirikit National Convention Center[PDF in Japanese/676KB]

[PDF in Japanese/1.18MB]
5thBrisbane, AustraliaSep. 26-Oct. 1, 2004Crop Science for Improving Human Diet in AsiaKen Fisher
John Angus
Brisbane Convention Center—-[PDF/7.01MB]
4thManila, PhilippinesApr. 24-27, 2001Food security and environment protection in the new millennium—-—-[PDF in Japanese/716KB]—-
3rdNational Museum of Nature Science,
Taichung, Taiwan
Apr. 27- May 2, 1998Regional Production Strategies to Meet Food Needs towards the 21st CenturyJin Min SungAgricultural Extension Center,
National Chung Hsing University
[PDF in Japanese/380KB]

[PDF in Japanese/1.11MB]
2ndFukui, JapanAug. 21-23, 1995Toward the Improvement of Food Production under Steep Population Increase and Global Environment ChangeKoichiro TsunewakiFukui Pref. University[PDF in Japanese/96.0KB]—-
1stSeoul, KoreaSep. 24-28, 1992Low-Input Sustainable Crop Production Systems in AsiaHong Suk LeeDept. of Agronomy, Seoul National University[PDF in Japanese/276KB]

[PDF in Japanese/100KB]